Botulinum Toxin Type A (commonly referred to as Botox) is an injectable protein designed to minimize the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, and décolletage. Botox offers a number of skin rejuvenating benefits, and is an effective treatment choice for patients seeking to:

Minimize the appearance of “bunny lines” on the sides of the nose
Treat and correct glabellar lines (eyebrow furrows), “11” lines between the eyebrows, and/or crow’s feet (fine lines around the eyes)
Reduce nasal flare
Improve the appearance of gummy smiles
Correct fine lines and/or sagging at the corners of the mouth
Address drooping eyebrows
Conceal the appearance of horizontal or vertical neck bands

Although widely available at a multitude of locations, the importance of having your Botox injections performed by a qualified medical professional cannot be stressed enough, because the improper administration of Botox can lead to serious aesthetic complications. Shiny foreheads, an unnaturally “frozen” look, and visible rippling are only a few of the potential cosmetic problems that can result from incorrectly performed Botox injections.


Botox functions by blocking the nerve impulses around the injection site, thereby actively relaxing the adjacent muscles and preventing them from contracting. By inhibiting your ability to make the facial expressions that create wrinkles, Botox not only offers an immediate reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, but also prevents new wrinkles from forming! Botox has remained the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedure in the United States for the past six years, primarily because of its convenience and effectiveness. In less than 20 minutes, Botox injections diminish the appearance of wrinkles by more than 80%, creating a more youthfully revitalized appearance.

Botox injections are relatively pain-free, non-invasive treatments that allow patients to immediately resume their busy schedules after the procedure. The visible results of your Botox treatment will become apparent 5-7 days after the initial injections, and the effects should last approximately 3-5 months (depending upon how rapidly your body metabolizes the protein). Botox can also serve as a supplementary procedure to maximize the results of other rejuvenating skin treatments (i.e. dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing).


Sculptra is an all-natural, non-surgical treatment to restore the lost volume of aging to a more youthful appearance. Being a naturally occurring substance in the human body, Sculptra is completely absorbed by the body and has never resulted in an allergic reaction.

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